Render engine

The Centyllion’s 3d rendering engine was completely rebuilt from the ground up. It is now based on BabylonJS, a powerful open source Web engine. With this evolution, the simulation render is much nicer and precise. The angiogenesys simulation benefits a lot with theses changes.


Angiogenesis previous engine

After (simple)

Angiogenesis babylon engine

After (with background)

Angiogenesis with color

New functions allows to change background, the grid image and hide some grains and fields for clearer simulation renderings. For this synapse simulation, walls are invisibles for much more explicit visual. The simulation is strictly the same, the walls are simply invisible.

With the walls

Synapse with walls

Invisible walls

Synapse with invisible walls

Here are other simulations that benefits the new engine.

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Jean-Charles Roger

Jean-Charles Roger

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