Centyllion becomes free

Centyllion becomes free for all user without subscription. From now on, all features will be available with a simple account only requiring a valid email. It’s even possible now to create models and simulations without sign-in.

Why these changes

Centyllion’s goal is an important accessibility for the simulation. We want to help students, teachers but without increasing their financial burden. We then did the choice to offer the best possible tool to study modelisation for everyone.

Thanks to these changes, we will be able to focus on relevant features for the users:

What now

Now, the Centyllion’s buisness model changes. We’ll built a revelant, relyable and innovative simulation tool. To help us in this venture, we’ll connect with partners whom the construction of this tool is important. Share this message to help us meet the right people to construct the best possible online simulator.

Jean-Charles Roger

Jean-Charles Roger


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